Alginate Mixer

Alginate Mixer

Alginate Mixer

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Product Description

Alginate mixer with  a flat digital control panel. Great for applying barrier film and keeping clean. No raised buttons.

Alginate mixers provide smooth mixing for bubble free impressions. Increases tear resistance and elasticity. Resulting in more accurate impressions and casts. Less alginate wasted and more time gained.

Consistency is a first requirement in modern dentistry. Mixing alginate into a smooth paste is not as easy as it seems and requires quite some experience. This makes the user the main factor influencing the quality of the alginate paste. No matter how experienced the user, one will always find accuracy decreasing lumps or air-bubbles inside the final mixture. The result is a less accurate gypsum model.


  • Alginate mixer with intensive mixing optimises the setting reaction in the alginate, thus speeding up setting time
  • perfectly mixed, homogeneous and smooth alginate impressions that looks like silicones
  • standardizes procedures in the dental office
  • better alginate mixture will result in more accurate impressions
  • easy to use, easy to clean
  • hygienic 
  • modern design
  • Durable benchtop Alginate Mixer
  • Guarantees consistant smooth alginate.
  • Saves time and improves impression taking.
  • Automatic timer with audible tone.
  • Mixes in 8-12 sec.
  • 3 memory presets.
  • Auto door safety lock.
  • Led display. Includes accessories. 
  • 12 Months Warranty