Durr - V 1200 S

Durr - V 1200 S

Durr - V 1200 S

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Product Description

V 1200 S (dry suction)

Treatment chairs: 4-6
Simultaneous operators: 4
The dry air suction systems by Dürr Dental are extremely powerful yet run really quietly. The V suction units are called dry systems because the aspirated substances are quickly guided into a separation/amalgam elimination unit. These components are integrated into the Dental Unit. Only dry air reaches the suction unit. Seven to eight hours of continuous operation are not unusual. This places high demands on the technology. Dürr Dental V suction machines fulfil these requirements tirelessly. The contact-free, rotating turbine wheels generate the required vacuum and flow rate (suction power). A reliable electric motor enables non-stop operation. To reliably protect against condensated water, all models are fitted with a condensate separator as standard.

Technical data:

V 1200 S

Voltage (V 3~)


Frequency (Hz)


Current consumption (A)


Power (kW)


Dimensions without condensate separator 
(H x W x D cm)

52 x 41 x 42

Dimensions with condensate separator (H x W x D cm)

57 x 62 x 42

Dimensions with housing (H x W x D cm)

55 x 49 x 53

Vacuum (mbar) AAV 1)


Weight without housing (kg)


Weight with housing (kg)


Noise level 2) without housing dB(A)

approx. 66

Noise level 2) with housing dB(A)

approx. 59

1) AAV = auxiliary air valve
2) The noise level is influenced by the room in which the system is installed. In a reverberant room (e.g. with tiled walls) the noise level may be higher.