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Easy to set up. Comes with detailed user and service manuals or you can contact our technical support team at anytime for additional support over the phone on 03-93316796

The Getinge WD14 Tablo is a fully automatic,
microprocessor controlled, washer-disinfector.
Processing cycles are factory programmed with
recommended treatment parameters for pre-rinse,
cleaning, post-rinse, thermal disinfection, final rinse
and ventilation of the chamber. Validated programs are
secured by access code. Detergent and rinse agents are
automatically dispensed during cycle.
Intended use

The Getinge WD14 Tablo is a washer-disinfector for
washing, intermediate level of disinfection and ventilation
of surgical instruments (rigid and tubular), hollow ware,
wash bowls and baby bottles. The receptacles should be
loaded in correct loading equipment recommended by
Getinge Disinfection AB to comply with EN ISO 15883.
The customer is responsible that installation qualification,
operating qualification and performance qualification are
performed according to EN ISO 15883 before product

Product Specification
Key features • A rotating spray wing is fitted at the bottom of the chamber.
• Two dosage pumps in standard configuration.
• Connection to an injection bar which automatically connects to water to clean the
inside of tubular items as a option.
• The Getinge WD14 Tablo is as standard supplied with a basic wash cart and
drain cooling.
• Independent temperature monitoring.
• The Getinge WD14 Tablo is available with a ventilation system for removal of
moisture and drying of goods as standard. It is possible to interrupt the ventilation
phase after 5 minutes.
Quality statement Confidence in the Getinge Group is the most important quality criterion. It must be
the hallmark of all our external and internal commitments, activities and products.
Products and service supplied by Getinge Group must conform to the agreed terms
and expectations to ensure recommendations for further business. The achievement
of these quality goals is the basis for continued completive and successful
Standards and
The Getinge WD14 Tablo washer-disinfector is tested and approved to comply with
the following requirements and standards:
• MDD 93/42/EEC (Medical Device Directive)
• EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
Standard: EN 61000-3-2 and EN 50081-2:93.
• EN ISO 15883.

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