Sun 88 Standard Chair

Sun 88 Standard Chair

Sun 88 Standard Chair

Product Code: 71-0004


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Product Description

Dental Unit includes

1: SUN 88 chair with Electrical Lifting, Leather Upholstery, 4 position program, LED light
2: Doctors Stool
3: Nurses Stool
4: Fitted with Suction select valve
5: Doctors table includes
A: Triplex
B: 6 hole fibre light (1)
C: 6 hole fibre light (2)
D: 4 hole for slow speed
E: Woodpecker scaler (complete kit) hand piece and 5 tips
F: Curing light
6: Nurses station includes
A: Triplex
B: H/v Suction
C: L /v Suction
D: Spittoon Bowl