7 Tips To Help You Choose The Ideal Dental Chair

7 Tips To Help You Choose The Ideal Dental Chair
Authored By Tom Toi

Are you thinking of buying a new dental chair? What is your budget? Do you want some specific features? A dental practice cannot function without a proper dental chair. Dental staff need a dental chair to do their job but it plays a much more important role in a clinical setting. Many patients judge the quality of care at a dental clinic by the type of equipment available there.

A dental chair should not only be comfortable for patients but also for dentists. Since there are so many options in the market, it can be stressful to try and find something that has all the features you need and also fits within your budget. Here’s a list of the important features you should consider when buying a dental chair:

1). Proper Back Support

One of the most common problems with dental chairs is the lack of adequate back support. There is usually a gap between the chair and the patient’s back and it may lead to backaches, especially when you have older patients or patients already suffering from lower back pain. Ideally, you should buy a chair that doesn’t have this problem or you could get some accessories that can help fill this gap and enhance the comfort level of patients.

2). Good Ergonomics

Many times, dentists and dental staff are so focused on making their patients comfortable that they forget about their own well-being. The design of the dental chair determines your well-being when treating patients for several hours a day. One of the most common health problems among dentists is musculoskeletal disorder. This is why you should choose a chair that allows unfettered access to the patient while remaining seated in a comfortable position.

3). Smart Controls

Most manufacturers today label their products as smart but, in some cases, the smart is just a label and there is nothing smart about the dental chair. This is why you should dig deeper to make sure the chair has smart controls such as joystick-style foot controls, programmable memory settings and easily adjustable chair position.

Tips To Help You Choose The Ideal Dental Chair

4). Ease of Maintenance

One of the most overlooked factors in a dental chair is ease of maintenance. Nobody wants to sit on a chair that doesn’t look clean and a dental chair should not only look clean but it should also be clean at all times. If the design makes it difficult for the staff to clean it after a session, they may not clean it thoroughly and that is not good for your practice.

5). Durability

A dental chair is an expensive piece of equipment and it should work flawlessly for several years with regular maintenance and servicing. Unfortunately, not every chair labelled as durable is capable of withstanding regular wear and tear. This is why you should check customer reviews and the general reputation of the manufacturing company before choosing a particular chair.

6). Aesthetics

Whether you like it or not, aesthetics matter. Ideally, the chair should be available in several colour options to match the existing colour theme of your clinic.

7). Warranty and Servicing

Generally, dental chairs come with several years of warranty but it is important for you to check the fine print to make sure there is nothing onerous. Also, vendor support is crucial for proper installation as well as regular servicing & maintenance. Thats why you need to choose a trustworthy seller with decades of experience in the industry and an excellent reputation for customer service and support.

Final Thoughts

You should never choose a dental chair based on only its price. You should consider your own comfort levels as well as the comfort of your patients before choosing one. Pay special attention to the aesthetics to ensure that it also looks great. Don’t forget about the seller as you will need continuous support for regular servicing and maintenance to keep the chair in good condition and to avoid costly repairs.

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