Autoclave Hire

Autoclave hire can be useful for customers who do not have the funds to outright purchase an autoclave.

Small autoclaves are generally affordable in recent years but the ones with larger sterilizing chambers may still be costly.

It may also be a temporary measure in the meantime while your autoclave is getting repaired and you need a loan unit to ensure business as usual. Businesses like dental clinics and practices that carry out regular surgical procedures will find that a working autoclave is utmost important to ensure patient safety is not compromised, and clinics do not need to cancel patient appointments because they are running out of sterilized instruments. It can be costly for a dental or medical practice to be without a good functioning autoclave.


Real life case scenario 1

One of our customers located in the country region of Victoria found themselves in a situation where the autoclave has broken down. The dental practice owner has just left for her wedding honeymoon and was uncontactable by phone. The practice manager knew she had to call for trusted engineers to diagnose and repair the autoclave.

However, this meant that the practice will not have a working autoclave until theirs had been fixed. It was not good news for them as a dental practice is heavily reliant on autoclaves to ensure there are clean and sterile dental instruments to be used on patients. Not having clean and sterile instruments available meant that the practice would have to cancel patient appointments for the week. The practice manager had just started her new role at the practice and was not confident what to do next with this situation.

MES had a discussion with the practice manager different options how they could manage this.

Option 1: The clinic could wait for another week until the owner returned from leave to make the decision. The practice manager will have to cancel patient appointments in the meantime.

Option 2: MES discussed the costs of cancelling patients for the week and weighing it against the cost of hiring an autoclave for 5 working days. Although the practice would make a smaller profit after paying for the autoclave hire, they could still keep their patient appointments and receive earnings for the week. This also ensures that their patients continue to have trust and a positive relationship with the dental practice.

After much thought, the practice manager agreed to take up the second option and ensured business was not affected. Upon the owner's return, she was pleased with the decisions made by the practice manager and MES.

Real life case scenario 2

A customer from a product development company rang up to enquire the cost for a 45L B Class autoclave. They needed it for a month to build a product that they have designed. After finding out that the cost of the autoclave was more than what they budgeted for, they started enquiring on hiring it instead. MES agreed for hire to last for a month.

Unexpectedly, as the product development took a longer time, they had to extend their hire period up to 3 months, which MES gladly accommodated with their request. Overall, the customer was happy that they had still saved significant amount of money to hire for 3 months instead of an outright purchase.

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