Autoclave sterilization has been long used in the tattoo and piercing industry.

While it is common to find tattoo parlors on our shopping streets, it is important to bear in mind the safety standards of tattoo and body piercing that the shops are upholding.


Not all equipment used in tattoo and piercing studios can be sterilized using an autoclave. But for equipment made of metal, glass, and acrylic (Bioplast, PMMA, PTFE and Bioflex), it is important to sterilize to prevent infection.

There are many ways to sterilize. For example, flame sterilization used to be a traditional method, but it can easily lead to contamination. Boiling water was used at some point, but this is not effective at killing bacteria at 100 degree Celsius.


Rubbing alcohol is only partially effective but does not kill microbes that can cause diseases such as hepatitis.

Tattoo procedure involves making incisions and inking the skin. It is imperative to use a sterile instrument for this purpose to ensure minimal risk of infection which can be introduced to a wound.

Some tattoo professionals opt to use disposable tattoo equipment, but reusable ones can last longer when clean and sterilized in the correct manner. In the long run reusable equipment are more cost effective and environmentally friendly. Through autoclaving, we can also ensure that all equipment are kept in good condition.

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