Your tools and instruments may be sterilized several times a day. It is important to choose a sterilizer that can withstand prolonged period of use without losing its functionality or performance. With so many models, brands and sizes to choose from, it can be confusing to know which autoclave is the best option for your investment. Here are some of the factors you may consider before making your purchase:

You may like to consider the size and quantity of you load each day, and the available bench space to fit your autoclave. While you can save money with a smaller autoclave, you can overwork your unit by running sterilising cycles continuously throughout the day, which diminishes the lifespan of you autoclave.

  • Load type

Remember to find out which cycle your autoclave can run to ensure that your instrument materials are properly sterilised. There are various cycle types, like liquid, pre-vacuum and post-vacuum, which can influence how effective your load has been cleaned.

While is it possible for a sterilizer to be used for up to 10 years, it is also imperative that the sterilizing unit is maintained and serviced regularly according to manufacturer’s specifications. This will enable the longest possible service lifespan of your autoclave.

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