Nail and Beauty

If you operate a beauty salon, the regulations state that the salon needs to be run in a fully hygienic environment.

Beauty treatments are often performed on the most delicate areas of a customer, for example, the hair, scalp, fingernails etc. You can set your beauty salon apart by having a sterilization process implemented using an autoclave.


Importance of salon sterilization

Many customers have experience with skin rashes, nail fungus and other infection due to improper sterilization practices at beauty salons.

In recent years autoclaves have become more affordable not only for dental and medical industry, but useful to have in the nail and beauty industry as well.


What should I use for salon sterilization?

Many salons opt for cheaper sterilization options, like UV light sterilizer boxes, barbicide and other chemical solutions. However, they are not effective in killing all bacteria and microorganisms that can spread infections.

The best solution remains with an autoclave. High pressure and hot steam from an autoclave are effective in killing 100 per cent of all infective organisms.

It may not be compulsory for salons to have autoclave in every state in Australia, but you can set your salon apart by making sure your tools and equipment are properly sterilized for the safety and peace of mind of your customers!

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