Equipment Setup & Installation

Have you experienced this?

A courier van has appeared at your doorstep, the driver stepped out of his van, removed a seemingly heavy and bulky carton from his van boot. He then wheeled it to your front door and allowed the carton to slap onto the floor tiles at your front door. The problem now is, you cannot open your front door because the carton has blocked the entrance, but you cannot move it either because it is too heavy!


This may be a dramatic description of how your dental equipment can be delivered without setup and installation, but MES is here to help!

Making an expensive purchase is only the first step to complete your dental and medical surgery, allow our experienced and highly skilled engineers to set up and install them for you so your surgery rooms can be up and running.

We work closely with other tradesmen in the business, or even introduce you to one whom we enjoy working with! MES is here to help you set up your clinic as seamless as possible.

What equipment does MES offer?

We sell and install medical and dental equipment that includes autoclave, dental chairs, dental compressors, suction units, x-rays, lasers and more.

How do I choose the right dental and/or medical equipment?

Deciding on the best equipment and equipment configuration is not always the simplest task. Make sure you speak to one of our engineers before making the decision. We have experts trained to understand your needs and to ensure your equipment can give you the best solution to suit your business needs, as well as fulfill the clinical demands of your surgery.


Why choose MES?

Here at MES we believe in providing services and solutions that exceeds your expectations. We endeavor to transform your dental and medical practices into reliable and patient-centric spaces. We spend time with our customers to understand their needs and deliver in an efficient manner.

Which brand of equipment do we install?

We set up and install equipment that we sell, but we can also do the same for any dental brands that you have purchased, including dental chairs, plant equipment, X-rays and more.

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