Autoclave Repair

Does MES service and repair autoclaves?

Not only do we sell and service the autoclave brands that we carry, our highly skilled and trained biomedical engineers can perform routine services to any autoclave brands you may be using. Our engineers are fully trained in the validation procedures and meet the requirements of Australian standards.

Autoclave Repairs

Who will be servicing my autoclave?

Our engineers are fully trained and qualified to perform safety standing to meet AS3551. They are also qualified to do sterilizer testing and validation up to AS4815:2006.

There are varying sterilization and repair requirements depending on the size of the autoclave, and the use that it is intended for. Our engineers have the experience and knowledge to restore your autoclave across the medical, veterinary, dental and beauty industry to its best condition.

Is our autoclave repair service compliant with Australian standards?

All equipment repaired and tested by MES adheres to AS/NZS3551 standards which will be clearly written on the testing label sticker placed on the machine itself. We make sure that the date of test is documented on the sticker, as well as the date when the next test or maintenance is due.

Do you provide loan units?

Where emergency repairs are required, we can provide same-day repair services within Metro Melbourne. In circumstances where we are unable to complete the repair on the same day, loan units are available to keep business going as usual. This can be delivered to you by one of our engineers or freighted out Australia wide when required.

Why choose MES?

MES has been servicing autoclaves since 1952. Our biomedical engineers are fully trained and experienced to provide quick and accurate diagnosis to your autoclave problems. Before we send our engineers on site, we will attempt to troubleshoot and resolve over the phone to ensure minimal disruption to your business. When a call out is required, we are able to respond on the same day. We can offer repair service on site and/or in our workshop.

We also know that cost is another factor when choosing your autoclave service partner. Our prices are competitive, and we make sure that your autoclave is serviced with the most cost-effective option.

Autoclave Repair

Our goal is to exceed your expectation by providing product support, clear diagnosis communication, efficient and effective service repairs to ensure your autoclave is up and running again.

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