While many medical processes and procedures have transitioned to single-use medical items.

There is still a place for sterilization and autoclaving in the medical industry. Many medical devices and instruments are still too expensive for single use only, hence making it more cost effective to have reusable medical instruments.


Some examples are drill bits, reamers, scalpers, scalpels, forceps, chisels, extractors and more.

These instruments have high potential for reusability and in turn can help with environmental sustainability.

When these tools are sterilized in an appropriate manner, they can last a long time without losing its efficiency. Autoclaves are often used to disinfect and sterilize reusable medical instruments to ensure patient safety.

Sterilization before disposal

The autoclave and sterilization process are essential in the safety of health workers as it helps to sterilize the single-use medical devices and instruments before disposal, which improves the handling safety.

For example, the hypodermic needles are used and disposed in large quantities. This can lead to a lot of waste which is dangerous to handle. Autoclave sterilization reduces the chances of disease transmission during the handling of devices after use.

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