Advantages Of Multi-Functional Foot Pedals On Dental Chairs

Advantages Of Multi-Functional Foot Pedals On Dental Chairs
Authored By Tom Toi

High-quality dental chairs rely on traditional craftsmanship and expertise to provide dentists with the best tools in terms of functionality, ergonomics, quality, and hygiene. For patients, they are able to enjoy the greatest comfort in terms of tactile and visual pleasure. So what are the most important features to look for in an innovative dental chair? 

Functionality is undoubtedly the most important feature with innovative accessories that provide more security and confidence during a dental procedure. Whereas traditional dentist's chairs basically had a foot control to elevate and lower the chair, modern features include programmable seat positions with multifunctional foot pedals to control the comfort and ideal position for both dentist and patient. 

So how can a multifunctional foot pedal make your job as a dentist easier and more effective? It is important to remember that all factors such as functionality, comfort, and ease of operation all work together to ensure a safe and productive dental procedure. Each dental unit can be configured to control dental instruments in different ways such as a standard or wireless foot pedal or a touch screen operation.

The Advantages Of Multifunctional Foot Pedals

One of the most important elements in a dental unit is the foot pedal. A multifunctional foot pedal is designed to control the entire operation of a dental chair. 

Different Types Of Foot Pedals

Whereas conventional foot pedals consisted of levers limited to vertical or sideways control, over the years highly advanced technologies have given rise to innovative products in the dental sector that includes multifunctional wireless foot pedals for chair movement via an intuitive, smart, and ergonomic keyboard, some with WIFI connection for wireless control.

Advantages Multi-Functional Foot Pedals Dental Chairs

Capabilities Of A Multifunctional Foot Pedal

An ergonomic dental chair foot control features unique capabilities based on modern technologies to provide comfort and relaxation to patients which is so important during a dental procedure. At the same time, it maximises the dentist’s productivity and improves the efficiency of the dental treatment provided.

Durable - Multifunctional dental chair foot control pedals and incredibly durable with stable support and cushioning.

Functional - The foot control is designed to adjust body positions and sync with different body sizes. Some sophisticated functions include heating units and inbuilt massagers for optimal patient comfort. High-end dentist's chairs are fitted with programmable memory settings, advanced control panels, and joystick-like foot control.

Customised Adjustments - The foot control is designed to adjust body positions and sync with different body sizes.

Accessory Control - A super effective delivery system can be programmed to control several accessories such as overhead LED lights and many more at the touch of a footswitch.

Optimised Workflow - With just a gentle touch on the pedal, you can access all chair functions and instruments and save information for recurring treatment processes.

Hands-Free - Hands-free operation avoids all contact with controls that can prevent cross-contamination.

Safe Operation At All Times - Centring permits the safe operation of instruments at stored speeds for guaranteed safe treatment.

With a multifunctional dental chair foot control, you can navigate all functions and tailor the efficiency and comfort of your dental unit for both patient and dentist. It minimises unnecessary movement and leaning over a patient to adjust chair positions. A complete speed range is always available for safe treatment via indication-based speed storage. 

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that a multifunctional dental chair foot pedal is highly advantageous and has become an essential part of any modern-day dental operation. It is easy to operate and provides the dentist with reliably stored information that can be used for repeated dental procedures. 

Clients will be attracted by the highly professional treatment provided with the help of a multifunctional foot pedal control. It is also invaluable when it comes to relaxing patients who are already nervous and may fear going to the dentist in the first place.

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