All About LiteTouch - A Revolutionary High-Powered and High-Frequency Dental Laser

All About LiteTouch - A Revolutionary High-Powered and High-Frequency Dental Laser
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When it comes to dental surgery, dental surgeons all across the world have traditionally relied on motor operated dental tools.

Thanks to the innovations in technology, Light Instruments has introduced Lite Touch dental laser that is bound to change the face of dentistry worldwide.

What Is Lite Touch Dental Laser?

It is a microsurgical dental laser instrument that offers excellent precision combined with ease of movement and versatility.

This instrument makes use of a laser to allow dental surgeons to precisely sculpt dental tissues in a minimally invasive manner.  

It operates at 2.94 micrometres which is a safe wavelength with minimal unwanted penetration.

It is being used all around the world and there are thousands of successful cases that have proven the efficacy of this dental laser.

Let’s now take a look at some of the features of the Lite Touch dental laser.

Effective for Soft and Hard Oral Tissues

This microsurgical instrument uses the least invasive laser wavelength that is easily absorbed by water as well as hydroxyapatite.

Simply put, it can be precisely used on soft as well as hard tissues for decontamination, cutting and ablation with outstanding efficiency.

It is also completely safe to use. It uses a micro-ablation mechanism to vaporise oral tissues while maintaining tissue integrity and vascularisation.

Ease of Use

It is a uniquely designed and very small dental laser. In fact, it is the smallest Erbium YAG dental laser in the world.

The entire laser mechanism is packed in a small chamber which is 12 cm long and has a diameter of 2.5 cm.

Due to its compact size, there is minimum energy loss and it gives the feel of a turbine drill with the unique benefits of laser.

It is highly ergonomic allowing unlimited movement to dental surgeons which makes it easy for them to access all areas of the oral cavity.

It also has a short learning curve due to its ease of use.


It has a portable, lightweight, and compact design. In fact, the modern design of this unit has also won it many awards.

It is sold in a wide variety of colours that adds to the welcoming atmosphere of a dental clinic.

It takes up virtually no space which allows for seamless integration into any dental practice.

Wide Range of Tips

When it comes to different types of tips that can be used with this laser, rest assured that a wide variety of tips is available to use with this laser.

These tips have diameters ranging from 200 to 1300 µm along with a wide variety of tip lengths that allows easy access to different areas in the mouth.

Each tip diameter has been specifically chosen to make it suitable for different types of dental issues as well as different types of dental procedures.

Due to the wide range of tips available for use with this laser, it is easy for surgeons to use it for all kinds of dental surgery as well as other dental procedures.

Ease of Operation

Operating it is easy as it comes equipped with a friendly and intuitive user interface.

It has a touchscreen that is simple to use during all kinds of dental procedures and does not require the operator to perform any complicated calculations.

The software offers comprehensive status updates as well as adjustable pre-sets.

There is a waterproof foot pedal along with an applicator cradle with two adjustable positions and a front socket.

All the exchangeable handpieces are easy to sterilise using the standard autoclave processes.


Dentists all across the world agree that the Lite Touch laser has several advantages over other types of dental lasers.

Some of these advantages include the ability to remove several cell layers at a time, extremely high incision quality as well as post-operative benefits for patients. 

In many situations, it also eliminates the use of needle-stick local anaesthesia when it comes to the safe removal of lesions.

Overall, it can be said that the new dentistry technology introduced by Lite Touch offers a reliable and effective method of dental treatment.

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