Is It Possible To Achieve 100% Sterilisation With An Autoclave?

Is It Possible To Achieve 100% Sterilisation With An Autoclave?
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If you are in a profession in which you use an autoclave to sterilise the tools that you use daily, can you be sure they can provide you with 100% sterilisation?

Autoclaves are very good at eliminating spores, germs, and bacteria, but is there a possibility that you are not removing all of them?

Some of the companies that manufacture autoclaves are exceptional, producing state-of-the-art equipment that will provide you with fantastic results.

Most hospitals and dental offices that use autoclaves feel confident that they can use their instruments on the next patient.

Let's take a look now at whether or not it is possible for an autoclave to provide 100% sterilisation each time that you use it.

How Do Autoclaves Work?

An autoclave is a machine that uses high pressure and temperatures to successfully kill off bacteria and germs very easily.

It uses steam, which is much more effective them using something like boiling water to eliminate living organisms effectively.

Within the enclosed area, once it is turned on, the steam and high pressure tend to do a very good job.

However, depending upon the manufacturer, and the price that you pay for your autoclave, there are some that may do a much better job than others.

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How Effective Are Autoclaves At Sterilising Medical Instruments?

According to most of the companies that make autoclaves, they will state that all germs, bacteria, and spores will be eliminated. This is also called inactivated.

In fact, using steam to sanitise medical instruments is considered to be one of the best ways to do this, yet it is not the only sterilisation process that is effective.

The use of Ethylene Oxide gas is another method, as well as using a dry heat sterilisation process.

However, the method of using steam, something that was discovered back in the 1800s, has been greatly improved through the use of autoclaves.

The only infectious particles that might be able to survive will include prions.

However, due to the extreme amount of pressure used, and the very high temperatures, anything that could potentially infect people is always removed.

Why Choose Us?

The autoclaves equipment that we offer are manufactured by Runyes, a reliable company that is known for only producing quality products.

You can feel confident that the medical instruments that go through the sterilisation process in their autoclaves will always provide you with the best results.

In conclusion, autoclaves can obtain 100% sterilisation if they are used for a long enough period of time.

Most of these will be on timers, making it very easy for you to turn them on and feel confident that the process will be completed successfully.

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