Do Tattoo Studios Use Autoclaves?

Do Tattoo Studios Use Autoclaves?
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Do Tattoo Studios Use Autoclaves

Have you ever wondered how tattoo studios sanitise all their instruments? Hygiene and sanitation is an imperative practice that all tattoo studies must practice.

As such, you will find that there are many tattoo studios across Australia that actually use autoclaves.

However, what are autoclaves? And how can they sanitise instruments used by tattoo artists? Well, you’re about to find out!

In this article, we’ll be talking all about autoclaves—what they are, how they work, and how they are used in tattoo studios.

What Is An Autoclave?

So, what is an autoclave anyway? An autoclave is a unit that conducts pressurised steam sterilisation to sterilise instruments from all types of settings.

They are most commonly found in a laboratory, industrial, and medical setting, but you can also find them in other recreational settings like salons and, of course, tattoo studios.

Steam sterilisation is recognised as an effective method of sterilisation because it is capable of killing any type of microbial life like spores and bacteria. It typically carries out this process in three phases:

1). The purge phase, in which steam begins flowing through the chamber while displacing air. The temperature and pressure will begin increasing. 

2). The exposure phase, in which the control system closes the exhaust valve and controls the temperature and pressure to remain steady at a setpoint. This will remain constant for as long as the time is set.

3). Lastly, the exhaust phase, in which pressure exits the chamber through the exhaust valve and ambient pressure is restored in the interior.

Do Tattoo Studios Use Autoclaves

There are two main types of autoclaves, which are:

1). Stovetop autoclaves, which resemble a pressure cooker. Stovetop autoclaves come with a bolt-down lid along with a pressure gauge located on the outside. They require heat sources and must only be handled by professionals.

2). Front-loading autoclaves, which are known to be more convenient. They have a self-contained box shape, coming with a heating unit that can turn water into vapour.

It also has controls to adjust the temperature and time of the sterilisation process. A gauge is also available to monitor temperature and pressure.

Do Tattoo Studios Use Autoclaves?

Yes! Autoclaves allow tattoo studios to maintain a standard level of cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene. In tattoo shops, autoclaves are commonly used to sterilise non-disposable equipment like tattoo guns in order to kill any presence of spores and bacteria.

This is done to prevent any transfer of infection from one client to the next.

Autoclaves are a must-have for every tattoo studio. This is because you cannot risk your client getting an infection especially since you are penetrating their dermis, which is located right under the epidermis.

Moreover, a tattoo needle could enter the client’s bloodstream, where viruses and infections can spread easily. This is why it is imperative that every tattoo studio have a proper autoclave.

Before autoclaves, tattoo shops would create makeshift autoclaves from toaster ovens or pressure cookers; however, these are not acceptable devices for sterilisation because only autoclaves can reach the appropriate temperature and pressures for the best conditions to enable sterilisation.

Many clients often ask at the beginning of their appointment if they can have a tour of the workspace.

This is so that they can ask any questions they have about the equipment, including whether they have been sanitised by an autoclave or not. Asking questions is highly encouraged so that you know if your safety is protected.

Do Tattoo Studios Use Autoclaves

Are There Specific Types Of Autoclaves For Tattoo Studios?

No, there is no specific type of autoclaves for tattoo studios. In fact, a tattoo studio could use a simple autoclave that doctors use to sterilise their own medical equipment.

Any autoclave machine is capable of achieving the same sterilisation goal.


Steam sterilisation grounded on the factors of temperature, pressure, and time is an effective medium of thorough and deep sanitation.

It is because of its effectiveness that autoclaves are widely used in various industries and settings. 

However, getting a tattoo with instruments that are not sanitised can bring about many health risks for you, specifically coming from viral transmissions.

In tattoo shops, it is imperative that an autoclave is available, and as such, it is important that you check whether the studio has an autoclave or not.

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