How Do Dental Chairs Work?

How Do Dental Chairs Work?
Authored By Tom Toi

We've seen impressive advancements in various facets of medicine over the last few years but dental chairs are their own breed. They have greatly simplified the work of dentists and changed the treatment of oral health issues. 

How do they function? How does the dental unit operate from the time a patient sits down until their issue is resolved and they are eventually dismissed? Here is a quick guide:

Overall View: Major Components

Dental chairs help dentists perform examinations, extractions, and oral surgeries. To do these, they have an astounding array of attachments, either on the chair itself or on the dental engine. Some of the components of the dental unit include:

  • Dental Engine - a companion device to the chair
  • Doctor control panel
  • Doctor table
  • Instruments' holders
  • Spit bowls
  • Suction tubes
  • Pneumatic tubes
  • Patient's chair with an adjustable back
  • Dentist's stool
  • Air turbine 
  • Light
  • Syringe
  • Foot Controller

The list of small parts is endless, but these are the most notable parts to a layman. Dental chairs are made of a combination of metal and plastic materials. They are infused with antibacterial properties to reduce the risk of infection. 

Operating Mechanism of the Dental Chair

1). Switching On

To activate the chair, the dentist turns on the main switch which switches the panel lights on. In this state, the dentist can manipulate the dental chair's motion as well as the dental lights and other parts of the unit.  

2). Adjusting Patient comfort 

Before a dentist can work on a patient, they need to make sure that the patient is comfortable. That's why they then need to use the microprocessor-based control system that comprises sensing components for precisely tracking the chair position to regulate how the chair moves. 

The sensing mechanisms are combined with a memory device to enable the dentist to specify a certain position into which the chair will move whenever the relevant switch is activated. 

How Do Dental Chairs Work

3). Dental Procedures

To begin the oral procedures, doctors then use the control panel to communicate with the dental engine and move the different parts of the arms. Some allow the dentist to control the system with their feet using the multifunctional anti-slip foot controller. The system is equipped with service air and water outlets as well as flow control knobs that control the fluid flow supplied. 

There are also syringes used to spray water. The vacuum handpiece and saliva ejector also come into play to remove excess fluid from the patient's mouth during oral health operations. Note that there are numerous control buttons and other components that are too intricate to cover here, and these should only be operated by a trained dentist to deliver various procedures to patients. 

During the procedures, the dentist can manipulate the dental chair to bend, ascend, descend, or reset it for maximum patient comfort and safety. It's also worth noting that different chairs come with different personalised operating procedures.

4). Cleaning

After the procedure is complete, doctors need to clean and sterilise their patients' mouths. Thanks to the antibacterial systems and automatic supply of water, this should be a walk in the park. All excess fluid is removed by the saliva ejector as mentioned before. 

MES Australia: Australia's Choice When It Comes to Dental Chairs 

Dental chairs have a complex yet handy operating mechanism. They are the single most important piece of equipment in dental offices because they enable dentists to provide excellent oral care in a germ-free, secure, and comfortable manner.

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