How To Take Care Of Your Dental Chairs And Stools? 

How To Take Care Of Your Dental Chairs And Stools? 
Authored By Tom Toi

The condition of a dental chair in a clinic says a lot about the practice. A well kept dental chair is a sign of an active clinic where the staff cares about the well-being of the patients. On the other hand, a worn-out dental chair is seen as a sign of a failing dental clinic. When maintained in the right manner, a dental chair should last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. 

A dental chair is an expensive but necessary piece of equipment for a dental clinic. You can’t run a dental clinic without a proper dental chair. Here is what you should do to keep your dental chair in good condition.

Dental Equipment You Will Need

A lot of equipment is needed to set up an efficient dental clinic. With the right equipment, you will be able to provide a positive and safe experience for your patients. Don’t forget that a visit to the dentist is never at the top of the priority list of anyone. 

This is why you need to do everything to make the experience as pleasant as possible for your patients. The quality of dental equipment goes a long way towards making your patients comfortable. Here is a close look at the dental equipment you will need for setting up your dental clinic:

  • Dental chair
  • Dental lights
  • Dental examination mirrors 
  • Washer disinfectors 
  • Dentist cart 
  • Handpiece
  • Dental syringes, dental drills, excavators, burnishers and other equipment based on the services you offer.

Out of all the equipment, the dental chair is the most expensive. While it is important to take proper care of all the equipment in your practice, you need to pay special attention to the dental chair as it is the most visible part of your practice.

Dental chairs and stools that aren’t cleaned and maintained regularly develop cracks much earlier than expected. Also, the use of disinfectants other than the recommended ones can lead to early damage or discolouration.

How Take Care Dental Chairs And Stools

How to Clean and Take Care Of Your Dental Chairs & Stools

The first step in taking care of your dental chairs and stools is to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. All dental chairs are accompanied by extensive maintenance and cleaning instructions.

These instructions also specify the type of cleansers that should be used, the frequency of recommended cleaning and how to disinfect the dentist chair properly. Here is a list of some of the steps needed to properly clean dental chairs and stools:

  • Use a barrier
  • Use a disinfectant
  • Clean the upholstery
  • Maintain dental chair waterlines
  • Create solid filters 

To clean the upholstery, it is recommended to use a mild soap and water solution. Take a soft cloth and dip it in this solution to get rid of dirt, dust, and smudges. You might want to consider using a dishwashing detergent as it is mild. Always remember to stay clear of abrasive materials as these materials will damage the upholstery. 

Do not use any conditioners or protectants on dental upholstery as these do more harm than good. Stay clear of any disinfectants containing ethyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, sodium bromide, citric acid, ammonium hydroxide, iodine compounds and other such disinfectants.

To keep your dental chair clean, it is recommended to use a disposable barrier, as much as possible. Ideally, these disposable barriers should be changed between patients. This will help in ensuring the durability of the surfaces and the finish of the equipment.

It is also important to maintain the waterlines to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and odour. Several affordable solutions are available to maintain the quality of dental unit water. Your dental unit also has some solid filters. Clean them regularly and do not let debris build up in these filters. Keep these filters clear from obstructions.

Dental chair manufacturers recommend annual servicing of the chair to keep it in tip-top condition. While annual servicing is important, it is also important to call a service technician in case the dental chair is making weird noises or there is a problem with the movement or you are finding it difficult to keep the headrests, armrests or other parts of the chair in place. A trained service technician will make sure that the chair works properly and lasts a long time.

Buy High-Quality Dental Equipment, Supplies & Tools!

A dental chair in a clinic isn’t just an essential piece of equipment but it tells everything about the quality of care potential patients can expect. A worn-out dental chair screams the lackadaisical attitude of the staff. It also tells potential patients that not many people like to visit this clinic.

By taking proper care of the equipment in your clinic, you will not only present a positive image of your practice but will also save money in the long run. It will also help you avoid expensive repairs.

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