How To Provide Dental Chair Comfort For Patients

How To Provide Dental Chair Comfort For Patients
Authored By Tom Toi

Trips to the dentist can often be a nerve wracking experience for patients. As such, the importance of providing care inside the dental clinic and during the procedure should be of the utmost importance. One way to provide this critical comfort is by having a comfortable dental chair.

Having a dental chair that can provide comfort for your patients will greatly alleviate any anxiety, worries, or stress they may have before you embark on the dental procedure. However, you might be wondering: what factors should I consider when choosing a dental chair that provides comfort? 

If you would like to learn more about the factors to consider when choosing the right dental chair, feel free to read our article below as we explore the following:

  • Comfort and stability
  • Functionality and features
  • Aesthetics and style
  • Reliability 

1). Comfort And Stability

Comfort plays a huge role in your patients’ dental experience. Therefore, one way to deliver this to your patients is to find a chair that is physically comfortable. 

Choosing a dental chair that is ergonomically sound and stable is the best way to accomplish this. A chair that is ergonomic is one that provides practical features such as enough cushioning for the patient, proper stability for patient support, and adaptability according to the patient’s body, size, and positioning.

Additionally, choosing a dental chair means choosing a chair that the staff is also comfortable with. After all, if the staff is not comfortable with the chair, this discomfort can reflect during the procedure and can impact the patient's comfort and state of mind.

How Provide Dental Chair Comfort Patients

2). Functionality And Features

The right dental chair must be functional and have the right features that come along with it. Nowadays, having a wide range of technological features is not a problem given that dental chairs have advanced greatly from years gone by. 

A dental chair that is functional and has various features allows the dental procedure to be as smooth as possible for both the patient and the dentist, which means the patient will place more trust in the dentist and the dental procedure in general. 

Some dental chair features to consider include a control panel to adjust the chair positioning, chair speed, and access to accessories; a programmable memory setting for seat positions; and a joystick for easier foot control. It is important to explore all the features that are available on the market and evaluate which dental chair will best provide comfort for you and the patient.

3). Aesthetics And Style

You might think that aesthetics and style are shallow, but they are a huge contributing factor when it comes to providing comfort to your patients. The first thing that your patient will notice when they walk into your clinic is that dental chair, and the first thing they will notice about your dental chair is its aesthetic and style. Therefore, it is important to pick a dental chair that appears pleasing yet safe and comfortable at the same time. 

There are several factors that you can consider when it comes to the aesthetics of your dental chair, including its size, fabric, colour, and shape. You can even choose to have a customised dental chair so that it can seamlessly fit into the interior design of your dental clinic and provide consistency and uniformity. 

How Provide Dental Chair Comfort Patients

4). Reliability

Of course, you need to have a dental chair that is reliable. A reliable dental chair is one that is durable for the long run, is high quality, and can deliver all the basic and necessary assistance and comfort during dental procedures. Having a sketchy dental chair can possibly make your patient lose trust in you and feel uneasy during the dental procedure.


Providing comfort should be the utmost priority when it comes to dental procedures. If patients feel unsafe or discomfort at the dental clinic, this can make the procedure much more difficult and discourage the patient from seeking dental appointments in the future. 

Therefore, it is important to consider the factors discussed above - namely, comfort and stability, functionality and features, aesthetics and style, and of course, reliability - when choosing the right dental chair for your dental clinic.

After all, it is important to choose a chair that can not only fulfill a patient-centric dental procedure but provide comfort for you as the dentist makes for a smooth dental procedure for all involved. 

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