The Importance Of Dental Chair Maintenance

The Importance Of Dental Chair Maintenance
Authored By Tom Toi

A dental practice is full of expensive equipment. There are autoclaves, a variety of dental equipment, and dental chairs but among these, the dental chair is likely to be the most expensive. 

Like other equipment, a dental chair also requires regular servicing and maintenance if you expect it to last for more than a decade without any major issues. This blog post will explore why it’s important to maintain a dental chair and how you should go about it.

Benefits of Dental Chair Maintenance

One of the most obvious benefits of regular maintenance of dental chairs is extended service life. Properly maintained dental chairs may last for more than 15 years whereas chairs without maintenance may barely last a decade.

Regular maintenance will also help you save money on insurance. There have been several instances where damaged or faulty dental chairs have led to extensive damage. 

For instance, if the pipes inside a dental chair burst, it will flood the practice and that may lead to significant damage. This means you won’t be able to operate the practice due to extensive damage. This will lead to a loss in revenue and also a loss of reputation.

If your patients have to move to another practice for dental care due to the breakdown of dental chairs or you not being able to operate your practice, it is likely that you won’t get all of your patients back.

Tips for Dental Chair Maintenance

A dental chair is the most used equipment in a dental practice which leads to extensive wear and tear. Upholstery is regularly exposed to blood splatters, saliva and various other body fluids. 

Without regular cleaning, various components in the chair might break down much earlier than expected. Also, it might put patients and staff at risk of catching illnesses. 

Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to maintain a dental chair. The only thing that makes a difference is consistency. Here are a few tips to help dental staff maintain the dental chairs in their practice:


It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to upholstery cleaning. Stay away from using harsh chemicals to clean the upholstery. It is better to use antimicrobial or anti-stain upholstery if you do not want to use single-use plastics. For periodic cleaning, use a solution of soapy water without bleach, ammonia, or alcohol.

Importance Of Dental Chair Maintenance

Maintaining Water Lines

Without proper maintenance of dental unit water lines, the pipes could become a breeding ground for germs. It’s easy to maintain the water lines as the only thing needed is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to keep things sanitised.

Filter Cleaning

A dental chair has a number of filters for catching solids, crowns, oil and other things. These filters should be cleaned regularly, at least once every week to prevent any suction issues.

Daily Maintenance

When it comes to regular maintenance, the staff should flush the handpieces as well as syringes on a daily basis. All the moving parts of the dental chair should also be lubricated regularly. It is also essential for the dental staff to disinfect the chair after each patient. Don’t forget to run the suction cleaner daily.

How to Maximise the Lifespan of a Dental Chair?

Without proper care and maintenance, even an expensive dental chair might not even last a decade. A worn-out dental chair puts off potential patients and they may not return to your clinic after the first visit. 

Also, a dental chair costs a lot of money and regular maintenance can extend its service life to more than 15 years.

The best way to enhance the lifespan of a dental chair is to train the dental staff on the proper use and maintenance of the dental chair. Make sure they adhere to their responsibilities regarding proper lubrication, cleaning of upholstery, use of proper cleaning supplies and other such things. 

Also, you should sign up for an annual check-up and maintenance package offered by the vendor to avoid the need for expensive repairs. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, a dental chair is the most expensive piece of equipment in a dental practice. You can easily spend anywhere from $11,000 to more than $40,000 on a dental chair. It is not just an essential piece of equipment but also speaks a lot about the quality of care one can expect to receive in a dental clinic. 

Without proper maintenance, it might be difficult to keep your dental chair for a decade whereas a well-maintained chair can easily be retained for more than 15 years. It will not only save money but also help you retain existing patients and attract new patients with positive word of mouth about your services.

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