LiteTouch Dental Laser Surgery Technology

LiteTouch Dental Laser Surgery Technology
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What is LiteTouch Dental Laser Surgery Technology?

LiteTouch is an innovative, contemporary dental laser established to handle various soft and hard tissue dental treatments.

It's recognised as the world's smallest dental laser and works with a uniquely shaped handpiece.

The handpiece is approximately 12cm (L) x 2.5cm (D) in size and is used to easily manoeuvre the tip around the oral cavity based on what the procedure demands.

This technology is used as a replacement for the traditional turbine drill, which has become synonymous with similar dental procedures.

Instead, LiteTouch is able to mimic traditional equipment without the drawbacks. The ER:YAG laser itself works by making use of specific wavelengths of energy.

This transfer of energy is used to help with various dental processes including cutting, decontamination, and ablation.

As a consequence, all of these processes are easily managed and are performed in a safe manner with comprehensive results.

This means the laser has minimal impact on oral tissues as well as being able to avoid excessive damage to the surrounding areas.

Benefits of LiteTouch

1) Easy to Operate

The major benefit of this equipment is the usability and how well it works in the dental setting. It has been optimally designed to handle rigorous procedures without missing a beat.

Whether it's an extensive hard tissue concern or a minor tweak, dentists are able to fine-tune their setup to maximise efficiency and quality.

It's easy to use and works in a variety of ways without creating unwanted issues along the way.

2) Increased Precision

In the hard to reach areas of the oral cavity, it's important to maintain precision. To do this, LiteTouch offers a small, ergonomic handpiece ideal for such scenarios.

It doesn't take long to get used to and the results are extremely accurate. This is the type of precision that dentists dream of.

3) Variety of Tips

There are a variety of tips to choose from and this provides flexibility when it comes to remaining precise, safe, and efficient during a dental procedure.

These tips include a selection of options between 200-1,300 microns, depending on the procedure being performed.

Dentists are able to go through each option and pick out the one that will work best for a particular situation.

This keeps things simple, adaptable, and effective from start to finish.

4) Faster and Safer

Dental procedures are getting quicker and quicker with each passing day due to the technological advancements in dentistry.

LiteTouch is one of those innovative advancements and provides a safe, easy-going solution that's effective in a variety of ways. It's the ideal solution for both dentist and patient.

Final Thoughts  

This technology is a big part of the future and illustrates how the industry is evolving in today’s fast-paced world.

This technology is looking to take the next step by offering comprehensive control, precision, and perfection in the form of handpieces such as what LiteTouch offers.

This is a unique laser solution ideal for handling a variety of soft and hard tissue procedures without any unwanted disadvantages.

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