What Is Sterile Technique In Dental Practice

What Is Sterile Technique In Dental Practice
Authored By Tom Toi

Viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that cause infections can be found almost everywhere. Therefore, healthcare providers must use the sterile technique when attending to patients, especially during surgical operations like a dental implant. According to a cross-sectional study, approximately 87% of dentists wear gloves when performing dental procedures. Read on to learn more about the sterile technique in dental practices.

What Is Sterile Technique?

Sterile technique refers to the procedures and practices applied to prevent contamination from pathogens. It is being used more in dentistry after the invention of dental implants and applies stringent rules to ensure the risk of infection is minimised. 

With appropriate surgical hand scrub, wearing sterile gloves and gown, and ensuring the surgical surface is well prepared, you will be preventing the surgical wound from infection. Doing this also ensures that both the operators and patients are protected from cross-infection.

How To Implement Sterile Procedures In The Dental Practice?

It is crucial to sterilise the surgical setup before a dental procedure. It will also be best to wear sterile gloves before placing the sterile drapes and performing the instrument set-up. Here are more tips for implementing sterile procedures in the dental practice:

  • Sterile area: The sterile area will contain all the sterile material and surgical instruments needed for the surgery. Ensure that the staff in this area perform a surgical hand scrub and wear sterile gloves.
  • Surgical instruments: Wrap the surgical instruments like mirrors and retractors in the basins and autoclave them together.
  • Sterile supplies: Prepare the sterile supplies as needed. For instance, have the sterile saline rinse and alcohol solution on hand.
  • Clean the room: Ensure the surgical room is thoroughly cleaned beforehand with disinfectant. Make sure that all the countertops are clear.
  • Close the door: Ensure the doors are closed to alleviate aerosol from circulating as it can contaminate the wound. It also helps to be as far away from non-surgical staff and patient traffic.
  • Set up: When setting up, apply the non-sterile draping first, the operatory tray draping, then place the sterile items in the sterile field. If a surgical item is not sterilised, place it in the alcohol solution before placing it on the sterilised field.
Sterile Technique Dental Practice

    Do’s And Don’ts Of Sterilisation In Dental Practice

    • Staff must wear a mask, scrub shoes, and a scrub cap before entering the surgery. It is crucial to ensure that staff places their masks on the bridge of their nose and have a safety screen on top or safety glasses.
    • All the materials used during surgery, such as biomaterials, surgical instruments, and equipment, should be prepared beforehand.
    • It also helps to have all the disposable materials you will use for treatment available before you begin.
    • Wash your hands properly and wear sterile gloves and a gown. Afterwards, you can only touch sterile items.
    • Avoid touching any uncovered surfaces or adjusting your mask after putting on the sterile gloves.
    • Do not leave the door open and ensure no staff from outside comes inside.
    • After surgery, when untying your mask, avoid undoing the top part first as the contaminated side will come in contact with your neck.

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    It is vital to stick to all the sterilisation rules as this ensures you appropriately perform surgery and reduce the risk of the surgery failing. Using the sterile technique ensures the patients are protected from possible contamination of their surgical wounds.

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