Ways to Create Modern Dental Clinic Design

Ways to Create Modern Dental Clinic Design
Authored By Tom Toi

Do you believe the design of a modern dental clinic matters? Have you studied the competition around you? Does your dental clinic look old and stale? Would you be interested in learning about modern dental clinic design ideas? 

One of the main reasons you should consider investing in a modern design is patient anxiety. Patients are used to the cookie-cutter design of a dental clinic and that stale old design may exacerbate their dental anxiety. In addition, a modern design is perceived as progressive and it shows patients that you care about them and want them to enjoy the surroundings while they wait for their appointment. 

This blog post is focused on exploring modern dental clinic design ideas and a few tips for designing a modern dental clinic.

Dental Clinic Design Ideas & Trends

First and foremost, it is important for you to understand that design has an emotional effect on people. The design needs to be people-friendly. When patients enter the clinic, they should feel relaxed and calm. Here are a few modern design ideas for your dental clinic:

  • Choose bright colours
  • Think of adding some entertainment to the space
  • The open floor plan is a modern trend in the dental clinics that gives a feeling of huge space
  • Make the waiting area feel just like home instead of a cookie-cutter rows of chairs
  • Think of giving a glamorous touch to the waiting area
  • The modern trend is to have a specific theme instead of plain neutral shades
  • If you have a lot of kids visiting your dental practice, seriously consider having a kid-friendly theme to make it less intimidating for them.

Choose bright colours that help in providing relief from dental anxiety. If you have a lot of kids or families at your dental clinic, seriously consider adding some entertainment to the space as it will allow them to have fun while they wait for the appointment.

There was a time when dental offices were all about rows of cramped spaces separated by walls to the ceiling but the modern trend is to have an open floor plan and if there are to be walls, they don't go all the way up to the ceiling. It creates a feeling of space and patients do not feel cramped.

If your waiting area has that old, stale look, maybe you should consider giving it a modern, glamorous touch to set your clinic apart from others. These days, many dental offices are choosing a specific theme that sets them apart from other dental clinics in the same locality. Choose a theme based on the type of patients you have. For instance, if you have a lot of kids visiting your dental office, having a kid-friendly theme is really going to put the little ones at ease.

 Ways to Create Modern Dental Clinic Design

How to Design a Modern Dental Clinic

A modern dental clinic is not just about aesthetics but the human experience. It is all about partnering with the right design team to create a unique theme that works for you, your staff and more importantly, your patients. Here are a few ideas for designing a modern dental clinic:

  • Focus on the essentials. All the dental supplies you need for work should be available right beside you
  • Comfort. Having a modern comfortable dental chair will help the patient relax and will also make the clinic look fresh
  • If you have multiple operatories within your dental office, you should focus on movement efficiency
  • If you're part of a large dental practice, you might have operatories that open at different times. Use the redesign as an opportunity to optimise the workflow of the staff.
  • At the end of the day, design is all about people. It should not be something that is too in-your-face. It should feel good to everyone including your staff as well as patients and you.
  • Everything is going digital today including a dental clinic. This is why when you are designing a modern dental clinic, you should pay special attention to the availability of bandwidth to accommodate future growth.

A modern dental clinic is all about the patient experience. It should be focused on making them less anxious and safe. They should look forward to their next visit and the design of the office plays a huge part in that. You also need to take into account future growth in terms of efficiency as well as aesthetics.

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