What Are The Different Parts Of A Dental Chair?

What Are The Different Parts Of A Dental Chair?
Authored By Tom Toi

Dental chairs are a major fixture in any dental clinic because they are the centre of a dental procedure. Because of this, dental chairs are affixed with various parts and components that will help make any dental procedure smoother and more efficient. 

In fact, it often seems like there are too many components attached to dental chairs. It can almost make them feel like they belong in an aircraft! So, what are the different parts of a dental chair, and what functions do they have?

If you would like to learn more about the different parts of a dental chair, feel free to explore more in our article below.

Parts Of A Dental Chair

As previously mentioned, there are several components of a dental chair that it might often seem overwhelming. However, these components are fashioned in such a way to deliver comfort, convenience, and functionality to the patient, the dentist, and the overall dental procedure.

In this article, we will be discussing eight of these components, namely: dental light, dental chair controls, cup holder, spittoon bowl, air-water syringe, bracket table, and x-ray viewer. Continue reading below to learn more:

1). Dental Light

The dental or operator light is used to illuminate inside the mouth or oral cavity of the patient seated on the dental chair. It is usually positioned 30-50 inches from the mouth of the patient to avoid the light from shining in the patient’s eyes and causing discomfort.

The light has dimmer switches so that the intensity of the light may be adjusted. Protective barriers such as a plastic wrap or aluminium foil are placed on the handles and the switches of the light. The lights are frequently cleaned and movable parts of the light are lubricated weekly.  

What Different Parts Dental Chair

2). Dental Chair Controls

Dental chair controls are comprised of control buttons that can move the dental chair upwards or downwards depending on what is best suited for the clinician. 

3). Cup Holder

Every dental chair has a cup holder. Disposable cups are primarily used for patients to take in water, gargle it, and then spit it out into a spittoon bowl. This is so that patients don’t feel uncomfortable with blood or debris in their mouth.

4). Bracket Table

Bracket tables are used to hold hand instruments and materials such as cotton, cotton holders, cement mixtures, and diagnostic instruments among many others. 

5). Air-Water Syringe

An air-water syringe is a dental device that can produce a stream of compressed air, water, or a combination of both. It is primarily used to clean the teeth’s surface during a dental treatment.

6). Spittoon Bowl

A spittoon bowl is a bowl or basin used for patients to spit saliva from their mouth during dental procedures. It is connected to a water pipe supply which is used to clean out the bowl and drain the waste into a drain.

What Different Parts Dental Chair

7). X-Ray Viewer

X-ray viewers help examine and interpret the radiographs of a patient’s oral cavity or tooth. They can help determine if there are areas of tooth decay or infection, which appear darker on the radiograph as they don’t absorb much of the X-ray.

8). Foot Control Monitor

The foot control monitor is especially helpful for dentists when they have full hands. It has similar operating buttons such as the manual foot press and is considered safe to use. 


The various parts of a dental chair are designed to be functional and convenient for both the dentist and the patient. While these parts often seem unrelated to each other, they all contribute an individual importance to the dental procedure of the patient. 

Special objects that include the operating light, spittoon bowl, and foot controls all help make dental procedures much more efficient and easier to carry out and provide a much better overall experience for the patient.

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