Why Are Sterlisation & Autoclaves Important For The Nails And Beauty Industry?

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Are you looking for a reputable beauty salon? Do you know why sterilisation is important for the nails and beauty industry? Please continue reading below to learn more.

If you operate a beauty salon, the law states that the salon should be run in a fully hygienic environment.

A beauty salon sees dozens of different people passing through every day. Working in a salon means you are exposed to many different customers.

You will be performing beauty treatments starting from the hair, scalp, fingernails, and toenails to the most intimate areas of the customer.

That's where impeccable salon hygiene is required at all times. Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at the following:

  • Importance Of Salon Sterilisation
  • What Equipment Is Used For Salon Sterilisation?
  • What Are Autoclaves?
  • The Importance Of Autoclaves For Salon Sterilisation

Importance Of Salon Sterilisation

Salon sterilisation practices have improved tremendously over the past decade.

Education and technology have played an important part in increasing awareness amongst salon operators about the many dangers of offering salon services without proper sterilisation practices.

Many customers have contracted skin rashes, nail fungus, and other infections because of improper sterilisation practices of salon operators in the past.

If you own or operate a beauty salon, it's imperative that you invest in the best sterilisation equipment.

The most important thing is to invest in the right type of sterilisation equipment to meet the needs and budget of your salon.

What Equipment Is Used For Salon Sterilisation?

Beauty salons use different types of equipment to sterilise their tools and handpieces.

Some of these machines include UV light steriliser boxes, Barbicide, and other chemical solutions.

Even though these tools are legal, they don't kill all the bacteria and microorganisms that can spread infections.

Therefore, the best solution for your beauty salon is an autoclave.

An autoclave is a machine used to sterilise the equipment and supplies used in your beauty salon by using high pressure and hot steam.

Autoclaves are highly effective in killing 100 per cent of all infective organisms.

If you plan to visit a beauty salon, you should first know whether the potential salon is using an autoclave.

If the salon is using an autoclave to disinfect the tools and equipment used by them, you are 100% protected from germs and microorganisms.

Ask the salon manager how they disinfect their tools and equipment. This is very important before you decide to choose a beauty salon. 

What Are Autoclaves?

Autoclaves are devices that are used to sterilise tools and equipment in different industries - including the beauty industry.

Most beauty salons use autoclaves to disinfect used tools, equipment, and handpieces before they use these pieces on another customer.

The equipment will vary in size depending on the equipment to be sterilised. Autoclaves have a pressure chamber to carry out the disinfecting functions.

An autoclave will subject the tools and equipment to be sterilised to pressurised saturated steam at 121 °C for around 15–20 minutes.

The pressure and temperature levels of the autoclave will be adjusted depending on the size of the load and the contents.

Microbes and bacteria on beauty tools cannot be simply cleaned with water and detergent.

They require extra care since microorganisms and bacteria are highly resilient to these traditional frivolous attempts of cleansing.

That is where an autoclave comes in handy.

The autoclave has a harsh environment that is ideal to destroy bacteria and other microorganisms.

It will make use of a cloud of hot steam and elevated pressure to get rid of these microbes.

The temperature maintained in the chambers of the autoclave is too high for bacteria and other microbes to survive.

An autoclave works on the same principle as a pressure cooker.

The only difference is an autoclave is much more severe in action compared to a pressure cooker.

The tools and instruments to be sterilised will be stored in the chamber of the autoclave.

Once the machine is switched on, a cloud of hot steam will fill the chamber. The pressure and temperature of the machine will increase at this point.

The temperature will rise to around 120c in most autoclaves.

The Importance Of Autoclaves For Salon Sterilisation

The importance of autoclaves for salon sterilisation cannot be overestimated. Autoclaves are easily the best equipment to sterilise salon instruments.

Although there are other machines to sterilise salon instruments, none of them even come close to the performance of an autoclave.

That's why you need to invest in an autoclave to sterilise the instruments in your beauty salon.

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