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BELMONT PHOT-XiiS 505 Dental Xray

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Easy to set up. Comes with detailed user and service manuals or you can contact our technical support team at anytime for additional support over the phone on 03-93316796


  • Intuitive and Easy

    Premium LCD touchscreen sub-controller

    Intuitive and easy selection

    Intuitive and easy selection of tooth type, cone type,
    film / digital modes, film speed, kV, mA and patients size.

    Customizable LCD display view

    LCD display view can be customized for operator
    preference. Built-in USB side port enables operators
    to import personalized screen saver photographic
    images or dental practice / doctor’s name for
    practice identification and branding.

    A Sum of radiation dose display

    Check the radiation dose of
    each patient. Reset the sum by
    keeping touch the sum number.

    B Display of exposure time

    Change the exposure time
    easily by touching the arrow
    and obtain the image you desire.

    C Display of radiation dose of each exposure.

    Sensitivity setting

    Select your image receptor on the screen, then suitable sensitivity setting will be selected from 16 steps automatically

    If the darker (or lighter) radiographs are preferred, the sensitivity setting can be adjusted manually

    Tooth density

    Error message troubleshooting

    Select your image receptor on the screen, then suitable sensitivity setting will be selected from 16 steps automatically.

    If the X-ray should encounter any abnormal conditions, an error message will be displayed on the LCD sub-controller screen as well as the suggested troubleshooting solution for the abnormal condition.

    Reliable DC X-ray by Belmont

    Small 0.4 focal spot value for the sharpest image possible

    Radiation dosage

    PHOT-XIIs utilizes a Direct Current (DC) generator to minimize radiation absorbed by patients.
    In addition, there are 36 programmable exposure time settings between 0.01 to 2.0 seconds to fine tune the precise amount of radiation required to produce an excellent radiographic image.

    Easy to positon compact tube head

    The tube head is lightweight, compact and easy to hold.
    This enables the operator to align the tube head accurately every time.

    Realization of slim and light arm

    Light head, smooth movement

    Our spring arm is designed to have a good balance with load and repulsive force at any position within the movable range and make it possible to make tube head stay at any point when the hands are released. Moreover, well balanced rigidity design helps to reduce the vibration of the tube head after positioning.
    These methods realize the smooth and easy positioning of the tube head.

    Optimum radiation level for every patient

    The operation is simple. Select patient type and tooth type, then press the exposure switch.
    The exposure time can also be adjusted manually.
    After the exposure, the radiation output can be displayed in the window.

    Tube voltage selection

    PHOT-XIIs provides 2 tube voltage settings to optimize imaging for specific purposes:

    [60 kV Setting]

    · Setting provides balanced contrast for general caries diagnostic imaging.
    · Setting provides excellent definition and detail for periapical and bone structure diagnostic imaging.

    [70 kV Setting]

    · Setting provides excellent diagnostic imaging for periodontal disease examination.
    · Setting provides a wider latitude and longer gray scale.

    Installation Variations

    · WK Wall mounted type
    · RK Room type with stool
    · FM Mobile type with castors
    · FK Floor mounted. Sub-controller can be installed on the pole (FK1) or on the wall (FK2)
    · CK Ceiling mounted type. Dental light can be mounted on the pole as an option (CKL Type)

    FM Type

    FK1 Type

    CK Type

    WK Type (Sub-controller can be mounted on the main controller or on the wall)

    RK Type

    Specifications & Options

    · Horizontal arm length of WK Type is selectable : 300 mm, 500 mm, 650 mm, 800 mm (standard) and 1000 mm
    · Ceiling pole length of CK / CKL Type is selectable : 600 ~ 1350 mm
    · Long cone (Short cone + Long cone collimator) for paralleling technique
    · Rectangular collimator
    · Hand exposure switch with coiled cord (Option for WK, RK, FK2 and CK. Standard for FM and FK1.)

    Short cone + Long cone collimator

    Short cone + Rectangular collimator

    CKL type

    Hand exposure switch

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