5 Features You Definitely Want In Your New Dental Chair

5 Features You Definitely Want In Your New Dental Chair
Authored By Tom Toi

Have you ever heard the saying that the dental chair is the throne of a dental clinic? Well, it’s true! The dental chair is the most important centrepiece of any dental clinic because it is where all the procedures are carried out. 

Because of this, it’s highly important that you invest in a dental chair that has all the necessary features for a successful dental procedure. But what are these features? To learn more about them, feel free to continue reading our article below!

5 Features To Include Your New Dental Chair

There are five unique features that you should consider having in your brand new dental chair. All of these features help make your dental chair much more comfortable with a design that is practical for the procedure. 

1). A Swirling Spittoon

Ever came across older or heavier patients that have a hard time getting up and bending their neck to the side so that they can meet the spittoon? It can maybe make you feel a little helpless to watch them, but luckily there is a feature that can help you with this!

A swirling spittoon is a special feature that allows your patients to sit upright, have the spittoon arrive in front of them, and allow the patient to gargle so that they won’t need to bend themselves in uncomfortable positions. After that, the spittoon can easily swivel back to its starting position. 

2). The Camera

If you are a dentist that likes recording the treatment you perform either for your own personal records, to provide a live telecast for educational purposes, or to give patients an idea of how the procedure is going, then a camera is a great addition to your new dental chair. 

High-quality cameras are often placed in the arm of the dental chair so that you can easily record intraoral or extraoral pictures and/or videos. They’re quite a new feature to many modern dental chairs but they do come in handy!

5 Features In New Dental Chair

3). FARO LED Operating Light

Lighting is crucial in any dental procedure. Sunlight is a good light source, but it can affect colour perception especially at different hours of the day or at different seasons of the year. Therefore, you’ll need a light source that is able to provide a consistent light source in order to spearhead an accurate dental procedure.

FARO LED is an up and coming type of LED technology that is able to offer both shadowless and uniform lighting, especially for dental situations. Additionally, FAR LED operating lights can adjust the intensity of the light while allowing dentists to capture the smallest details of the operative field with minimal effort. The colour temperature is usually kept to a standard temperature as well. 

4). Modular Delivery System

As a dentist, you need to ensure that the arrangement of your instruments is organised so that it remains totally sterilised even in a busy clinic. Choose a dental chair that is able to provide the most convenient design of your modular delivery system so that you can easily pick up your instruments. 

For example, a convenient modular delivery system is one that might have a non-touch sensor operating light that offers 3-D movement so that you can maintain constant sterilisation. 

5 Features In New Dental Chair

5). Comfort For The Dentist

Of course, a dental chair needs to not only be comfortable for the patient, but also the dentist as well. Being a dentist is definitely not an easy job so your comfort as a dentist must take equal priority as well. If you feel comfortable on the operator’s stool for example you won’t need to worry about any discomfort. Try to choose a dental chair that is ergonomic for you and the patient so that the dental procedure is as smooth as possible. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing a new dental chair can be challenging. However, the main consideration is to ensure that you’ve done research on the best features that help contribute to comfort for both the patient and the dentist. Choose a dental chair that is ergonomic, conducive for the dental procedure, and a great asset to your dental clinic.

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