Three Things Dental Chairs Do To Make Patients Comfortable

Three Things Dental Chairs Do To Make Patients Comfortable
Authored By Tom Toi

Dental chairs at your local dental clinic can be quite uncomfortable if they are not built to support you. The good news is that many modern-day chairs have made significant strides towards delivering a comfortable experience for both the patient and the dentist during dental procedures.

To deliver some sense of basic comfortability, there are a couple of features to consider. In this article, we’ll be talking about three features. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to continue reading below.

Three Features For Comfort In Dental Chairs

You’ll often find that old-school dental chairs can be quite uncomfortable. This is because they are designed for the average patient, meaning that they don’t consider the fact that every patient comes with different body shapes, weights, and heights. 

A good dental chair is one that takes into consideration that everyone is different. Customisability and adjustability are key factors for a dental chair to be as comfortable as possible. And yet, many dental chairs still lack the basic features needed for a smooth dental procedure.

Three Things Dental Chairs Do Make Patients Comfortable

Three features that can make a significant difference in the dental procedure experience include the following:

1). Adequate Back Support

Many dental chairs actually have a gap between the patient’s back and the chair itself around the area of the lumbar spine. This gap is present both when the person is situated upright and lying down. This can cause issues such as backaches which elderly people who have lower back pain are more prone to getting. 

Dental backrests can be incorporated into dental chairs to help prevent risks of backaches or back injuries due to the gap between the patient and the chair. These backrests are support pillows that fill the gap in the lower lumbar region so that patients feel much more comfortable throughout the procedure. 

2). Knee Support

The area situated around the patient’s knee can actually be a point of discomfort most especially since patients vary in height. In fact, two patients that are around the same height can have different lengths of legs. Dental chairs that are designed for the average person means that there can also be a gap between the knee and the chair.

A dental chair that provides good knee support is one that can lift and support the knees, work together with the backrests to release pressure from both the back and hips, and stabilise and align the patient seated in the chair. 

Three Things Dental Chairs Do Make Patients Comfortable

3). Head Support

Many patients often complain of the discomfort they feel when they rest their head on typical dental chair headrests. They are often too hard and painful to rest on especially for a long period of time. Additionally, patients have to be reclined in uncomfortable positions to provide dentists access to the treatment area, so this alone does not help.

Dental chair headrests should not only fit easily onto the dentist chair but also support the patient’s neck as they recline. This allows them to gently tilt their head back and open up their jaw with ease. With this, patients can hold this reclined position longer and give dentists more time to treat them without discomfort.


Most dental chairs aren’t perfect, but it’s critical for them to have basic features that can help patients feel more comfortable throughout the dental procedure. Three basic features every dental chair should have include the following: a backrest, so that patient’s don’t get backaches or injuries; knee support, so that patients don’t get stiff knees no matter how long their legs are; and finally, a headrest, so that patients can comfortably recline without having a stiff neck. 

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