Benchtop Autoclaves and Sterilisers

Benchtop Autoclaves and Sterilisers
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Any medical device used on a human being is subject to contamination by bacteria and other microorganisms. 

Sterilisation is the total elimination of all resistant microorganisms including bacterial spores. 

It frees surgical instruments and other equipment from harmful microorganisms and prevents their growth. 

It also minimises the risk of disease spreading from one individual to another in a clinical setting. 

Benchtop autoclaves and sterilisers for medical and dental professions are trusted all over the world by private practices for the effective removal of microorganisms from equipment. 

Private practitioners and dental clinics need a compact, reliable, and economically viable solution for sterilising small or specialised loads to meet the strict international standards for sterilisation and safety. 

An autoclave is a device specifically designed for the sterilisation of equipment that solely utilises steam for disinfection. 

Other types of sterilisers make use of high pressure, chemicals, irritation, filtration or a combination of these methods to destroy living organisms.

Autoclave Sterilisers

Autoclave sterilisers, also called steam or converter sterilisers, are widely used for heat sterilisation where steam is heated under pressure to between 121 and 135°C. 

Benchtop autoclave sterilisers combine intelligent compact design with safety, reliability, and high performance to meet the sterilisation needs of medical and dental professionals in small practices.


  • Microprocessor Control System that includes fully automatic programmes such as ‘Sterilisation’, ‘Add Water’, and ‘Dry’.
  • Pre-Installed Sterilisation Cycles with some models offering custom cycles.
  • Separate Water-Level Check mechanisms to check chamber and water tank levels.
  • Pressure Door with Auto-Lock device that is easy to operate with one hand.
  • Steam Pressure Safety Valve and Pressure Switch for chamber protection.
  • Pressure/Vacuum Release Button to cut off the power supply, release chamber vacuum, and exhaust the chamber of pressure.
  • Auto-Dry Cycle.
  • Reach and maintain a Temperature Range (Metric) – 121 - 135°C  for at least 30 minutes under 15 psi pressure. Depending on the volume and the type of load, increased cycle time may be required.

Indicator Lights to Indicate:

  • Door Open – all functions cease when the door has not been closed properly.
  • Low Water – to indicate that the water level is too low for operation.
  • Complete – to indicate that the full sterilisation cycle has been run and completed.


Sterilisation is a method used to destroy all living organisms in or on equipment.

This is usually done by the use of specifically programmed cycles such as boiling liquid, dry heat, steam, or chemicals. 

A broad range of processes is used for sterilisation, including:

  • Dry Heat Sterilisation
  • Glass Bead Sterilisation
  • Gas/Chemical Sterilisation
  • Ultraviolet Radiation Sterilisation
  • Steam Sterilisation

According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), of all the sterilisation methods available, the most dependable is moist heat in the form of saturated steam applied under pressure. 

Steam Sterilisers are a specialised type of Autoclave designed, calibrated and programmed to sterilise biological material by the precise control and monitoring of temperature, chamber pressure, and exposure time. 

They fulfil a critical role in healthcare facilities, biopharmaceutical production, and laboratory research as they provide precisely controlled conditions to safely sterilise equipment for use on patients.

Designed and manufactured to deliver reliable and uncompromised quality, automatic benchtop autoclaves offer low maintenance, rapid cycles, and long-lasting durability. 

Autoclave sterilisers come in sizes ranging from 19 litres to 85-litre chamber volume and downloadable cycle data transferable to a USB memory device for enhanced monitoring and documentation of data. 

A highly efficient air pump ensures extra fast and thorough drying times. The single touch control system with colour display makes it easy to operate. 

Benchtop autoclaves and sterilisers are an indispensable part of any small medical or dental practice to ensure that equipment is always 100% sterilised and ready for use. 

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