Finding the Right Autoclave Suited Best for Your Laboratory

Finding the Right Autoclave Suited Best for Your Laboratory
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In any research facility, including a laboratory, finding the right autoclave plays a crucial role in ensuring that the work environment is sterile. 

Sterilising laboratory apparatuses is one of the basic features of why an autoclave machine is important in these types of workplaces.

The autoclave will destroy all harmful organisms and allow you to maintain an infection-free working environment. 

Depending on the type of laboratory, there are various factors to take into consideration when choosing an autoclave. 

While the majority of these machines are following various manufacturing directives and have the same basic features, it is important to remember that not all of these machines are created equal.

Conducting additional research on which autoclave machine suits your laboratory ensures that you’re investing in a machine that suits the lab's demands. 

This makes the decision more economical, accurate and feasible to continue research studies that are being conducted in the workplace. 

These additional factors may include, but are not limited to:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Functionality
  • Price point

4 Essential Questions Business Owner Should Ask Before Buying an Autoclave

1. What Are the Types of Loads Requiring Autoclaving?

Determining the type of equipment/pieces that requires an autoclave is the first and one of the most important steps in choosing the best-suited autoclave for your laboratory. 

Does the laboratory require large amounts of test tubes and Petri dishes? How much equipment requires autoclaving, and how large are they? 

For those who require heating Petri dishes and similar laboratory equipment, going for autoclave machines that can sterilise glassware and heat sensitive materials is the perfect option.

On the other hand, if the equipment requires removing trapped air, look for machines that offer this added feature. 

As mentioned earlier, not all laboratories require the same features, and with that being said, not all autoclave machines work the same. 

Understanding whatever the laboratory's needs and loads are, make it easier to determine the most suited type of machine for them.

2. How Much Space Can Be Allocated for the Autoclave?

Identifying the external dimensions the laboratory is another essential factor to take into consideration. 

When trying to determine how much space is needed, don't forget to take into consideration the floor area, as well as the service areas required to operate the machine. 

The machine needs to be easily accessible so with this in mind, it is also important to determine how many autoclaves is needed inside the lab. 

Will one suffice? Do you prefer stackable machines? Horizontal or vertical? What about sizing? Does the lab need one size or does it require various sizes? 

List down all of these to determine the lab's sizing requirements. 

Cross off machines that do not meet the requirements, until you have managed to have 3 options at most.

3. Which Door Configuration Does the Laboratory Prefer?

Another factor that shouldn't be overlooked is the door mechanism. 

Knowing your preference on which direction the door would swing, or how large it opens play a crucial role. 

This is connected to space allocation so you can determine how much space is needed for the autoclave to be able to operate smoothly. 

This also means that the autoclave door should have enough clearance, for safety and efficiency purposes.

4. How Much Is the Budget for This Type of Machinery?

Lastly, determining your budget is important. How much are you willing to spend on an autoclave? 

If you'll be needing more than one, finding a supplier that gives discounts for bulk orders is a plus. 

Key takeaways: Bear in mind that an autoclave is an important investment in any laboratory.

By answering the 4 questions listed above it will be easier to filter out unnecessary machines that may not have the features you're looking for. 

By doing so, your laboratory can save costs and cut expenses as the autoclave machine you have chosen will be best suited for the type of laboratory you are running.

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