Dental Chairs: A Buyer’s Guide

Dental Chairs: A Buyer’s Guide
Authored By Tom Toi

Are you in the market for a new dental chair? Perhaps you recently opened up a new dental practice or you are expanding your existing one and need new dental chairs? With such a wide variety of brands to settle on, which is the best dental chair for you? 

This article seeks to furnish you with information that will help you purchase a dental chair that fits your needs. Here are six tips to look out for before your next purchase:

6 Things To Consider Before Choosing a Dental Chair

  • Chair Stability 
  • Delivery System
  • Size and Position
  • Patient Comfort
  • Chair Mobility
  • Pricing

1). Chair Stability

Dental appointments take a considerable amount of time. Therefore, you need to consider a chair that is stable enough for the duration of time your patient will be attended to. 

When researching, look at dental chairs that have a baseplate with a large footprint that doesn’t impede the stool casters. Additionally, you may want to consider how the delivery systems are mounted which contributes to the stability of the chair.

2). Delivery System

As alluded to before, dental chairs come with different delivery systems. These include rear, side, and even over-the-head delivery systems. These systems play a key role when it comes to the overall workflow productivity while attending to your patients. 

That said, how good are the delivery systems? Further, it is important to ask if such delivery systems are within reach of your dental assistant. Opting for delivery systems that are ergonomically designed will boost your productivity and streamline your office workflow.

3). Size and Position

Dental chairs tend to occupy a large area and thus it is important to consider their size and where they will be placed before purchase. Ideally, you want to select a dental chair that does not compromise how productive your work is. If your room is small,  you may have to select a smaller dental chair relative to the space. 

In addition, you must consider how well you and your assistant will be able to navigate the room and which direction it will be facing once installed. The first thing that your patient will notice once they walk inside your practice is the dental chair in the room so make sure it fits right!

Dental Chairs Buyer’s Guide

4). Patient Comfort

So you have selected a chair that blends well with the room and is a sight to behold. Every patient that walks in marvels at how fancy it looks. But have you considered if the chair is comfortable enough for your patient? Given how much time a patient spends on a dental chair, it is important to be considerate of their comfort. 

Questions you should be asking yourself are how does the chair adapt to the positioning of your patient’s body? Additionally, chairs that come with lumbar support, soft headrests, and adjustable armrests are perfect for patient comfort.

5). Chair Mobility

Dental chairs take up space and are bulky once installed. How easily your dental chair can move around may depend on the size of the room it is placed in. However, having a chair that is easily moved can contribute to greater productivity. 

When doing your research, consider a chair that has a swivel mechanism that accommodates easy adjustment for patients of varying height and body width. Additionally, you may want a chair that allows you to easily work on your patient.

6). Pricing

In most cases, the priciest dental chair models don’t always translate to great quality chairs. Depending on your need as a dentist, you should look to purchase a chair that meets your day-to-day expectations as well as meets the needs of the future. 

Remember that different chairs come with several accessories and add-ons that have a direct influence on the price. Therefore, be careful not to be sold on the chair that comes with all the bells and whistles but doesn’t meet your functional needs.

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If you are already considering a dental chair for your practice, you are already aware that this is quite a hefty investment. Therefore, it is important to consider the above tips to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. 

After doing that, contact Medical Equipment Services. We've got a wide variety of dental chairs of impeccable quality!

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