BevistoTray Cleaner

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Easy to set up. Comes with detailed user and service manuals or you can contact our technical support team at anytime for additional support over the phone on 03-93316796

BevistoTray Cleaner is a liquid concentrate for cleaning and dissolving casting compounds/adhesives from medical impression trays and mixing instrumentsThe dosage is 5% to 10 (about 50ml – 100ml BevistoTray Cleaner diluted in 1l of water). This is done through submersion, by placing an impression tray in a soaking tray filled with a BevistoTray Cleaner solution). BevistoTray Cleaner is also suitable in ultrasonic baths.

Effective against:

  • Residue of alginates
  • Carboxylates
  • Phosphate – and glass ionomer cements
  • Contact adhesives from mixing instruments and impression trays
  • Using ultrasonic bath in combination with BevistoTray Cleaner accelerates the cleaning process

Made in Germany

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