Trident Dental DR

Trident Dental DR

Trident Dental DR

Product Code: 70-0005


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Product Description

High-definition digital images

The efficacy of a diagnostic tool able to identify a patient’s condition or diseases s/he may have depends both on the experience of medical professionals and on the working tools used to support their knowledge. The I-VIEW intraoral sensor produces perfect, top-quality images with excellent resolution (20 lp/mm). Both accurate and fast, it offers the doctor or dentist an accurate picture of the teeth to be treated.

Software Deep View®

Deep View® is the specific software of the I-VIEW intraoral sensor developed exclusively for Trident with the guidance of a highly professional team. Deep View® is a dynamic, intuitive software that guides the user through its practical content by rapidly highlighting its essential functions. Deep View® can be used by several medical professionals at the same time, because the networking system has a capacity of up to 10 users at any given time.

The software is supplied on a CD / DVD ROM with the passwords for access.

Two sizes

The I-VIEW intraoral sensor comes in two sizes:

  • Size 1, ideal for standard examinations, with a sensitive (active) area of 30 x 20 mm
  • Size 2, with a sensitive area of 33 x 25 mm, for tasks that require a larger active surface

The I-VIEW intraoral sensor captures images both horizontally and vertically, even in the most critical areas deep within the oral cavity.

Large active surface

The 1000 x 1500 pixel (20 x 30 mm) sensitive area of the I-VIEW intraoral sensor is surrounded by a row of photodiodes that monitor and control radiation; the fibre optic plate (FOP) guarantees a top-quality image, and at the same time helps to convert the incident X-rays emitted by protecting the electric conversion layer, thus extending the useful life of the sensor.