Water Distiller

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Easy to set up. Comes with detailed user and service manuals or you can contact our technical support team at anytime for additional support over the phone on 03-93316796

Stainless Steel water distiller capable of producing distiller water for medical devices. 


Technical Parameters
Material: 304 stainless body and internal, no rust and water quality assured.
Output Power : 750W
Power Input: 220V-240V/ 110V-130V, 50HZ- 60HZ
((with European plug, UK plug/ AU plug/ USA plug according to actual situation)
Inner size : F180x200mm
Volume : 4L Distilled
Water/per: 1L/H
Over-temperature safety: power-off when temperature is 160 oC
Net weight : 6.5Kg
Unit dimensions: 24.5x24.5x39cm
Package size: 300×300×500mm
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