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MELAG MELAtherm 10 Evolution

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Easy to set up. Comes with detailed user and service manuals or you can contact our technical support team at anytime for additional support over the phone on 03-93316796

MELAG MELAtherm 10 Evolution (incl. CF card and MEtherm starter set)

The MELAG washer-disinfector of the Evolution series excel with convincing innovations in addition to the tried-and-tested product highlights of MELAtherm 10 – including active drying, integrated process agent intake and documentation interfaces at no additional cost. MELAtherm 10 Evolution provides maximum performance and ease of use for even more efficient instrument decontamination workflows.

MELAtherm 10 Evolution sets new standards in operation: Its large Smart-Touch Display with helpful video tutorials makes for an intuitive operation. You retain full control even during the program run. The new MELAconnect App provides you with access to the device status and program progress from anywhere in your practice or clinic. Finally, take advantage of ProControl to perform a fast and paperless batch approval directly on the Smart-Touch Display.

The new AquaBoost technology ensures optimal cleaning outcomes: AquaBoost makes for double rinsing pressure and up to 44 % better cleaning results. The increased pressure permits the decontamination of even more instruments. The reprocessing of 23 handpieces and instruments for up to 40 patients in only 60 minutes is possible only with AquaBoost. Over 80 different baskets and accessories are available to adapt the practice-optimized washing chamber to all your needs - whatever the size and specialization of your practice and clinic is.

These product highlights make MELAtherm 10 Evolution unique:

  • Smart-Touch Display: Operation and program selection are as easy as never before. Integrated video tutorials on the Smart-Touch Display cover all the relevant issues regarding the operation of MELAtherm 10 Evolution.
  • AquaBoost Technology: The high-performance circulation pump of the innovative AquaBoost technology provides double rinsing pressure for up to 44 % enhanced instrument cleaning.
  • Active Drying: Active interior and exterior drying protects the instruments against corrosion and damage.
  • ProControl: Perform user authentication and batch approval directly on the device.
  • MELAconnect: Access the device status and program progress at any time and from anywhere in your practice and clinic using our mobile app. The MELAconnect App provides even more advantages: user manuals, video tutorials, troubleshooting and the seal check function to ensure a perfect reprocessing workflow.
  • Integrated Documentation: The log files can be saved in paperless fashion and at no extra cost using the CF card or the two network interfaces.
  • Integrated Process Agents and Metering Module: The integration of process agents saves valuable space in the decontamination room and helps to avoid errors.
  • MEtherm Starter Set: The process agents developed especially for MELAtherm 10 Evolution ensure the best-possible cleaning outcome with minimum consumption.

Benefit from the versatile accessories available for MELAtherm 10 Evolution. The MELAG wash trays and sterilization containers of the MELAstore system use standardization to bring improvements in quality and efficiency, whilst reducing practice waste. With optional Cleanfinity Filter, MELAG has developed a cleanable central filter for the safe and economical decontamination of hollow body instruments. The innovative control indicator of the injector rail signals when the Cleanfinity Filter requires cleaning. The cleaning is quick and simple using a brush that is included in the scope of delivery

MELAtherm 10 Evolution is available in two versions:

  • MELAtherm 10 Evolution DTA (400 V three-phase current): order no. ME20020
  • MELAtherm 10 Evolution DTB (230 V AC): order no. ME20021

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Product details / technical data

Device dimensions (w x h x d) 59.8 x 81.8 x 67.8 cm (fits under a 60 cm tabletop)

Washing chamber (w x h x d) 46.5 x 40.5 x 44.8 cm

Electrical connection (DTA) 3 N AC 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 x 16 A

Electrical connection (DTB) AC 220 - 240 V, 50 Hz, 1 x 16 A


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